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OSU Sports Medicine Expertise

Our Sports Medicine physicians and clinicians use evidence-based medicine to develop best practice guidelines - that means you will benefit from their cutting edge knowledge and expertise. Plus, these physicians serve as the team physicians for the OSU Buckeye in all 36 varsity sports teams, with over 900 Division I NCAA athletes participating. This experience, and the experience of caring for many of Columbus' other competitive and recreational athletes, has provided great insight and knowledge in performing state of the art surgical procedures.

If you do get injured, see a sports medicine specialist. They are familiar with injuries, specific to each sport, affecting your cartilage, meniscus and ligaments. They know when an injury can be exercised, splinted and protected to keep you in a game or season. If that’s not possible, they’ll know of the most effective treatments and rehabilitation programs to help you recover fully if not improve your performance level before you return to the game.